Magento Seller Central

AKA Marketplace Multi Vendor Module for Magento.

I have used many of the well known multi vendor module for Magento. And found all of them are useless in terms of features and coding. So I decided to make a perfect one with proper architecture and coding style.

Why this is better?

First thing is, it uses separate application for seller which connects to Magento backend via API. While other modules in market makes just a separate router inside Magento to server as seller Panel.

The problems with integrated one are:

  • They are less secured.
  • There is lot of holes to get admin access through seller panel.
  • Overrides many sensitive core Magento classes, which impacts Magento version updates as well conflicts with other third party extension.
  • Tightly coupled with Magento frontend theme. So these modules only fits with few predefined themes.
  • Slows down Magento performance.

In my Magento seller central, I have overcome all the problems mentioned above.

Magento seller central has two separate application:

  1. A Laravel application called SellerPanel in seperate domain or subdomain, where seller logs in and does all of his work on that application. And core Magento does not care what is going on the seller panel.
  2. A Magento module named SellerCentralBackend to serve that Laravel application named SellerPanel on demand.